Sunday, May 22, 2011

FYI #11: Epoque's 'schließlich', Spring Collection 2011

For those who may not have heard, EPOQUE is close to releasing their new spring collection. I know, I know, terribly awful to be teasing you but, below is an extra little preview.

I love the sculpts in this collection, especially on many of the gowns. The one shown below is my absolute favourite. They all meld seamlessly to the body and display a serious knack for texturing.

Because I attended an in-world wedding today, which is always a delightful reason to frock up, I decided to slip into these beautiful garments. Sadly I could only wear one, so here's the opportunity to share them both (I went with the tux).

Be sure to stay tuned for the release date, coming soon!


Skin: DUTCH TOUCH Jolie v.2 in Olive, Basic/Blonde Brow
Eyes: POETIC COLORS Night Rain, Medium
Hair: LELUTKA Inverted, Toast
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE Beauty Mark Tattoo
Eyeliner: DUTCH TOUCH Makeup Eyeliner, nr 2
Lipstick: DUTCH TOUCH Jolie v.2 Lipstick, Semi-Gloss Peach
Nails: ARMIDI True Enhance Painted Nails, Nude

Shirt: HASENDOW Closed Shirt, White
Blazer: EPOQUE Blazer, Charcoal [Coming Soon]
Pants: EPOQUE Pilot Trousers, Black [Coming Soon]
Shoes: EPOQUE Chunky Platform Heels, Nude [Coming Soon]
Bowtie: CASA DEL SHAI Le Smoking Bowtie, Black
Ring: PAPER COUTURE Diamonds and Pearl Ring

Skin: DUTCH TOUCH Jolie v.2 in Olive, Basic/Blonde Brow
Eyes: POETIC COLORS Night Rain, Medium
Hair: LELUTKA Hera, Toast
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE Beauty Mark Tattoo
Eyeliner: DUTCH TOUCH Makeup Eyeliner, nr 2
Lipstick: DUTCH TOUCH Jolie v.2 Lipstick, Red
Nails: ARMIDI True Enhance Painted Nails, Black

Gown: EPOQUE Bell Gown, Nude [Coming Soon]
Belt: EPOQUE Ribcage Belt [Coming Soon]
Tights: PRETTY LEGS Black Opaque, 85%
Shoes: EPOQUE Chunky Platform Heels, Black [Coming Soon]
Earrings: LAGYO Mohawk Earrings


Friday, May 20, 2011

Décor #4: My Own Home! Pt. 4

Now for the final corner. Ironically, this was the first corner of my home that I began work on. This is abit bittersweet for me, as this skybox no longer stands. It has been my home since my return to SL and it also holds alot of dear memories for me.

It's what brought my closest friend Dailyn Holfe to me, after she answered a group chat call for rug testers. It wasn't long before she moved in and we became virtual hermits, venturing out only to shop and shoot (photos and zombies). It really became a place to welcome friends and loved ones.

So in closing this chapter and bidding adieu to my beloved first skybox, I present a lady's boudoir.


Bed: PHI Demoiselle Bed
Bedside table: PHI Demoiselle Night Table
Wall frames: SECOND SPACES The Easy Life, Princess Cameos
Wall decal: WALL CANDY Butterflower Wall Decal

Room Divider: LISP Frosted Room Divider with Wreath
Basket: MAGIC NOOK Sleeping Basket
Pouf: PHI Demoiselle Fancy Pouf
Bear: DIRTY DEEDS Dirty Old Bear
Vanity: PHI Demoiselle Modest Vanity
Makeup: THE LOFT Messy Makeup
Mirror: CREAMSHOP Dressing Room Mirror, Grey [no longer available]
Rug: VH Damask Rug, Blue [Made by me lol]
Dresser: PHI Demoiselle Hutch
Plant: PHI Hutch plant

Dressmaker Mannequin: THEOSOPHY Halkyn Torso, White
Bench: THE LOFT Castor Table, White Wash
Suitcase: ARCADE Suitcase Shelf, Teal
Hanger: PHI Demoiselle Wall Mount with Hangers
Lotion Bottles: NOTSOBAD Cosmetic Set
Mirror: THEOSOPHY Darran Mirror, Silver
Armchair: THE LOFT Bryn Armchair, Light Blue
Sidetable: THE LOFT Aphrodite End Table, Distressed White

Skybox: THEOSOPHY Port Eynon Skybox

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pour Homme #1: It's Business Time

First off, let me just say that I had a lot of help from Vitt and, without her keen eye at picking out certain matches of clothing the way that fashionable women do, I would be left with only her amazing photography and patience to work with. Many thanks.

Now get back in the kitchen and make me that fucking sandwich.

Alright, down to business (which also happens to be the theme of my very first post). Bear with me; I'm male and by definition I will wear things because "I think it's awesome" not because I think it's fashionable. I spend a lot of time wearing suits in my day job outside of Second Life, so I figured I'd take a closer look at what's available inworld. I'm not just talking the standard "business suit" package you find on the Marketplace, but more a mix'n'match of items that come together into something that a guy would wear on the job in real life. With a bit of digging, I found a few key items that I think the average dude on the grid could totally buy off the Marketplace for a (relatively) decent price, look halfway decent for his more sensible half and be done with it all.

If spending thousands of Linden dollars a week qualifies a girl as the "more sensible half".

ENSEMBLE #1: Day Trader
Jacket: ARMIDI 'Classic Blazer', Charcoal
Shirt: AOHARU 'Striped Shirt', White
Pants: CATTIVA E CATTIVO 'Men's Dress Slacks', Charcoal
Shoes: REDGRAVE 'Classic Loafers', Black

Skin: SOUL 'Apolo', M3
Hair: MADesigns 'Richi', Smooth Brown

ENSEMBLE #2: Rainy Day
Coat: LAQROKI 'High Collar Coat', Beige
Shirt: HASENDOW 'Black Modern Suit', Red Tie Shirt
Pants: NSD 'Chinos', Gray
Shoes: REDGRAVE 'Aviator Loafters', Black

Glasses: SOLAR EYEWEAR, 'Kastra'
Cigarette: GENTLEMEN, 'Dirty Cigarette'
Umbrella: URID DAI, 'Umbrella 2.2', Black and White Pinstripes

Skin: SOUL, 'Apolo', M1
Hair: MADesigns 'Boyd', Dark Brown

ENSEMBLE #3: After Hours
Shirt: LAQROKI, 'Pinstripe Shirt', White + Black Tie
Pants: SWEETEST GOODBYE, 'School Boy', Indigo+Red
Shoes: SHINY THINGS, 'City Walk', Black

Skin: SOUL, 'Apolo', M8
Hair: TRUTH 'Drake', Espresso
Tattoo: GARDEN OF KU, 'Ghost Geisha', Medium

Wristwatch: HOC, 'Mens Watch', Black
Beer Bottle: CYO, 'Beer Bottle'
Puppy: ZOOBY, 'Pug', Black & White


That's all from me, folks! I spent the entire time writing up this blog post complaining bitterly to Vitt about how long it takes to find and list out everything I wore for each shot.

Hey, I figure...if I'm going to dress like a douchebag, I might as well blog like one too ;-)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dressed Down #29: Acute Acumen

To show that I well and truly am back in the saddle, (and also to catch up on some new releases and events), here is a marketed master post peppered with some fiscal acquisitions and endeavouring to drive up our virtual economy.

As you may or may not be aware, CULTURE SHOCK is the latest fashion/music event to hit the grid, offering up an array of new and exclusive content from no doubt, some of your favourite content creators. I was particularly tickled by MR POET's foray into accessories (Win). You still have a couple of weeks to brave the lag and pick up some treasures.

Also, MON TISSU has released their 'Ruffles and Lace' collection. Of course, it's amazing, particularly their new shorts. For those who aren't always satisfied with prim shorts attachments, you'll be happy to know that acting on customer feedback, the shorts come with non-prims layers as well as various prim attachment sizes. Market research for the win!

Enjoy the swag!


Skin: DUTCH TOUCH 'Jolie in Olive' v.2 - Basic/Blonde Brow
Eyes: POETIC COLORS 'Night Rain Eyes', Medium
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE 'Beauty Mark Tattoo'
Lashes: L.FAUNA 'Pretty & Underlashes'

Hair: LELUTKA 'Watson', Toast
Dress: EPOQUE 'Backless Tee Dress', Taupe
Shoes: MAITREYA 'Allure', Nude
Watch: CHRONOKIT 'Watch no. 37 Lancelot', Black
Bag: ORTA 'Natasha Bag', Noir (Culture Shock '11)
Glasses: MR POET 'Half Rim Eyeglasses' (Culture Shock '11)

Hair: LELUTKA 'Inverted', Toast (NEW)
Blouse: SO MANY STYLES 'Ruffle Tank', Indian Red (NEW)
Pants: SO MANY STYLES 'Linen Pants', Grey (NEW)
Blazer: SO MANY STYLES 'Boyfriend's Blazer', Black (NEW)
Shoes: ANEXX 'Loafer Pumps', Brown
Bag: MR POET 'Leather Backpack', Choco (Culture Shock '11)

Hair: LELUTKA 'Renta', Toast
Blouse: MON TISSU 'Gathered Frills Blouse', Grey (NEW)
Shorts: MON TISSU 'Minx Shorts', Brown (NEW)
Shoes: MON TISSU 'Montsegur Pumps', Black
Watch: CHRONOKIT 'Watch no. 36 Dio', Silver
Bag: MON TISSU 'Straw Tote Bag', Black (NEW)


Dressed Down #28: 'Masterchiller'

In a bit of an homage to a particular web monkey who seems to loathe my love of Masterchef, I offer up this poor punnery of an ensemble. And in case you missed the memo, this humble blog is now nestled comfortably at - thank you Liquid.

Onto business, I've been bumming around the grid in this outfit for awhile [sic], unable to take it off/be buggered to change. If this sounds like you, then I hope you enjoy. It's comfy, casual and still looks like you put in a bit of effort.

Highlights? Cute tousled hair from LELUTKA and complimenting sculpted accessories from MON TISSU, MIEL and KARI. Finally, my favourite ALBERO GATCHA item - FIR&MNA's Zodiac necklaces.

NB: I have every other zodiac sign before I got my Gemini, so hit me up in-world if you'd like to grab yours.


Skin: DUTCH TOUCH 'Jolie in Olive' - Eagle/Blonde Brow
Eyes: GLANZ 'Transparency Shine', Dark Gray
Hair: LELUTKA 'Renta', Toast
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE 'Beauty Mark Tattoo'
Eyeshadow: DUTCH TOUCH 'Eyemakeup Smokeys', Black
Eyeliner: DUTCH TOUCH 'Makeup Eyeliner', nr 2
Nails: ARMIDI 'True Enhance Painted Nails', Black

Tank: EMERY 'Mini Top', #8
Jeans: MON TISSU 'Denim Lou Lou', Original
Shoes: ZAARA 'Ilaida Mojri', Jewelled Tan/Silver
Belt: MON TISSU 'Seneca Threaded Leather Belt', Burnished
Necklace: MIEL 'Echo Necklace' & FIR&MNA 'The Zodiac Necklace', Gemini (Gatcha)
Watch: KARI 'Triple Strap Watch', Brown


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your blog cocktail in Cynical DotCom flavour

There's a funny thing about technology. It makes the inter-connection of different people and different ideas all across the world a modern day given. The world wide web and it's wealth of gadgets and gizmos fuel an insatiable drive toward consuming increasing amounts of information, ideas and Cheeto's.

It is also a bitch when things go wrong.

For the more perceptive of you, two things will have blipped your radar by now. Firstly, the person authoring this passive-aggressive blurb is probably not, in fact, your esteemed regular blogger, but someone I think is decidedly far better looking.

Fuck, she IS hotter.

I guess after a little while, Vittoria decided that, among all the monkeys in her technical department that takes care of her little corner of the web, I was perhaps the most outspoken ("Vitt, you're doing it wrong...oh my god, what did you just do to the site?!"). Oh, and the least shittily-dressed. Evidently, that's a 'thing' now. Vitt doesn't let unfortunately-robed people write on her blog; she's very clothest. "Hey, you should take a chance to write something" she suggested, placing her faith unwittingly in the hands of a monster. "It'll give you something to do."



Secondly, you may notice that is now You don't need to update your bookmarks, because the transition will (hopefully) be seamless. For you anyway. For me, it took a solid four hours today to map all the changes and hosting to the new location. Fortunately, I'm a very well-balanced individual with numerous ways to alleviate my frustrations in soothing and therapeutic expressions.

No SLidioglossia webservers were hurt in the making of...okay, no. Yeah, I had to replace them a few times.

We hope you enjoy; it was totally not a marketing ploy to increase our credibility and not at all related to making the goddamn web address shorter.

So, until the next time I take up Vitt's offer (challenge) of smearing my terrible terrible cynicism across the face of her brainchild, have a great rest of your week. I've told Vitt that she will have to post more articles now that she's joined the league of "dot coms", so with any luck and no small volume of Captain Morgan, you'll begin to see a bit more fashion and a tad more style lacing your weekly blog cocktails.

What's that, Vitt? Huh? Blog? What do you mean? About mens' clothes? But I don't know anything about....No, Vitt, not happening. Or else WHAT?!

Funny thing about technology.

Different ideas sometimes ain't all it's cracked up to be...