Saturday, April 30, 2011

La PREMIERE - schließlich collection spring 2011

I am so very proud to be able to share with you all the reason for my short absence of late and this is why. Vintage McMillan of EPOQUE gave me the opportunity to create a short promo for his upcoming spring collection, schließlich.

You can check it out in HD on Youtube here or on Flickr here.

The new line is coming soon so keep an eye out for that. Thanks again to Vintage, Riot Core and Dot Chaffe for all their help and support.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dressed Down #27: Browning Blossom

Lots of awesome new releases lately and naturally, I'm delighted. MON TISSU continues to deliver, REEK's releasing delicious sculpty-ness and ELIKATIRA never fails with flawless hair releases.

Oh and did I mention that the Spring Seasons Hunt has officially begun? BRB, dying of happiness.


Skin: DUTCH TOUCH 'Jolie in Olive' - Frost/Blonde Brow
Eyes: GLANZ 'Transparency Shine', Dark Gray
Hair: ELIKATIRA 'Paper', Brown Shades no. 5 (NEW)
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE 'Beauty Mark Tattoo'
Nails: TRES BLAH 'Nail Colour', Burgundy

Blouse: MON TISSU 'Longline Blouse', Grey (NEW)
Leggings: LELUTKA 'Leggings', Brown 3
Socks: MAITREYA 'Scrunched Prim Socks', Cream
Boots: SURF CO. 'Paperboy Ankle Boots', Red
Scarf: MIEL 'Maki Scarf', Rust
Hat: REEK 'Cricket Hat' (NEW)
Watch: KARI 'Triple Strap Watch', Grey


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dressed Down #26: Quelqu'un m'a dit

Feeling rather cute today so I thought I'd share. Aren't I giving?
With everyone on Plurk currently working through the music challenge, it made me switch on one of my favourite songs (below for your listening pleasure) and inspired this modest ensemble.

I adore this blouse from FISHY STRAWBERRY, loaded with sculpty goodness. Also JANE never fails with their cute collection of dresses. And when you combine the two? No really, you're welcome.


Skin: DUTCH TOUCH 'Jolie in Olive' - Basic/Blonde Brow
Eyes: GLANZ 'Transparency Shine', Dark Gray
Hair: ELIKATIRA 'Follow', Brown Shades no. 5
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE 'Beauty Mark Tattoo'

Blouse: FISHY STRAWBERRY 'Neo Romantic Blouse', Nude
Skirt: JANE 'Melody Dress', Fawn with Lace
Belt: VIVE9 'Jersey Belted Tee Dress', Suede Belt
Boots: MON TISSU 'Provence Riding Boots', Brown
Bag: MILK MOTION 'My Heart Bag' (FLF)


Friday, April 1, 2011

Décor #3: My Own Home! Pt. 3

I mean, of course I'd have some semblance of an in-home cinema. The many movie nights that don't happen in my SLife, happen here (usually it's just me watching films old enough to be out of copyright and therefore free to air - case in point, my favourite Shirley Temple movie, the Little Princess).

It could almost also be my KARI space. Thankfully, it's reopened and once again pumping out some awesome furnishings, as well as accessories and clothing. Latest release is this incredible Komrad HUD, which comes with multiple settings for frames, colors and FXs. Below are just a tiny sampling of what's possible for in-world photography.

Anyway, on with the show!


Movie Posters: CHRONOKIT 'Frame 01'
Rug: NORDARI 'Brownish'
Armchair: THE LOFT 'Bryn Armchair', White
Side Table: NOTSOBAD 'Copper Table'
Throw and Pillows: THE LOFT 'Planket'
Records: NOTSOBAD 'Record Boxes'
Record Player: KARI 'Portable Turntable v2'

Chaise: THE LOFT 'Mayer Chaise', Tan
Table: THE LOFT 'Aphrodite End Table', Cherry
Wall Boards: MR WRIGGLESWORTH 'Proclamations of Hogwarts'
Armchair: NOTSOBAD 'Copper Armchair'
Cushion: WHAT NEXT 'Geek Pillow', Pink
Shelves: KARI 'Junk Drawers'
Cameras: KARI 'Komrad Camera' & 'Imperial Camera'
Jars: REEK 'Firefly Jar', TURNIP'S 'Cottonball & Q Tip Jar', KYOOT 'Memento Jar' & KARI 'Hobbies in a Jar'
Nail Varnish: TRES BLAH 'Nail Polish Bottle'
Photos: PHI 'Polaroids' & SECOND SPACES 'Grandma's Secretary Desk', Loose Photos
Photo Album: SECOND SPACES 'Grandma's Secretary Desk', Floor Album
Tape Player: KARI 'Reel 2 Reel', v2
Flowers: PHI 'Romantic Vase', 2 Roses
Lamp: KARI 'Gooseneck Lamp', v3
Books: THEOSOPHY 'Hardcover Books'

Skybox: THEOSOPHY 'Port Eynon Skybox'