Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dressed Down #20: Bold Bitch

Just checkin' in with the backlog of stuff I have. I felt like being glamorous in-world, to spite the overworked, exhausted hag I've become in RL.

WILLOW is a relatively new to me store, be sure there will be more posts to come in which their creations will be featured, including another La PREMIERE sneak peak.

I'm actually genuinely surprised I ended up using this turban from LAGYO for the ONE ELEVEN event. I never, EVER thought I would, but there you have it. C'est la vie.


PS. FYI for all the guys, there's a newcomer to the blogosphere, Glitterati Gay Posemaker, Suti Capalini. Peep his blog here.

Skin: DUTCH TOUCH 'Jolie in Olive' v.2 - In the Sky/Brown Brow
Eyes: GLANZ 'Transparency Shine', Dark Gray
Hair: LAMB 'Bang, Bang', Kit Kat
Beauty Spot: DEZYNE 'Beauty Mark Tattoo'
Nails: ARMIDI 'True Enhance Painted Nails', Cherry
Eyeshadow: DUTCH TOUCH 'Eye Makeup', Smokeys Black
Lashes: L.FAUNA 'Pretty & Underlashes' [FLF]

Jacket: WILLOW 'Ricci Cardi', Canary
Skirt: MON TISSU 'Pretty Pleats Skirt', Black
Leggings: THE SECRET STORE 'Blue Wool Tights'
Shoes: LELUTKA 'Fame Pumps', Maroon
Turban: LAGYO 'Baba Turban with brooch'
Clutch: ORTA 'Blake Clutch', Ruby
Watch: CHRONOKIT 'Watch no. 36 Dio', Black
Necklace: LAGYO 'Lolie Necklace'


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